Na Sawan Pittayakom

Na Sawan Pittayakom is a rural school close to the northeastern border of Thailand with Laos. Many families in the area derive income through rubber tree plantations. The school grounds are beautifully landscaped, with some recently-added facilities such as new teacher accommodations and Western-style restrooms.

  • 200m to the nearest shops and eateries
  • 15km to the nearest town of Bung Kan
  • accommodations include a private room at the school, with a kettle and a fridge available in the staff room
  • Wi-Fi available at the school
  • 10- to 15-hour work week
  • some meals provided by the school (Thai food)

What is the school looking for?

Na Sawan Pittayakom is looking for a native English-speaking volunteer that can assist the current English teacher(s) with their lessons, and help students outside of class with their conversation skills, pronunciation and intonation.

A successful applicant is expected to be energetic, open-minded and culturally curious. Prior experience volunteering or teaching is not required although will be taken into account when reviewing applications, along with other relevant experience and qualifications.

How does it work?

You will arrive in Thailand and will take part in a one week initiation process at Isara, in Nong Khai (North-east province). We will give you all the details you need on your placement and some introductions about Thai culture and language. You will then be dispatched to your placement. We have contact people at each location who will take care of you.

If you have any questions please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).