My Thai Family

  • I want to tell you about the family I'm living with, because I believe they deserve a mention. I've never before met a group of people so happy to bend over backwards to meet someone else's needs!

    I'm living with a mum and two sons. The youngest is nick-named Sax(ophone). He's seven and has a slight problem with his sight in one eye, which makes him cock his head when he talks to you in the cutest possible way! His elder brother, Song, is 13. He has taken on the role of dad while their father works in Israel. He is so loving and affectionate. He drives his brother to school on a motorbike(!!), and he prepares packed lunches for his family in the mornings. He will grow into a great man!

    Their mum is called Tan. She treats me like a sister. Someone once said she has an ugly face but a beautiful heart! I think this was a joke, because she has a beautiful face!! But no matter how pretty her face, it is nothing beside the beauty of her heart. To make this comparison could only ever be unfair. She is known around the town for her good heart, and I can't think of a better reason to be famous! I hope to be so lucky in my future..

    Tan's sister often comes over to spend time with us. She drives me to school in the mornings, going well out of her way as she is the headmistress of another school and I know her free time is limited. She is very kind. And the last addition to the family is the cutest, fluffiest, most beautiful little white dog ever!!! I fell in love with him the second I saw him! ...And then I found out he was a her, and she had to have her hair shaved off (due to fleas I think). But I'm already in love now, so what can I do?

    The family have taken me in as one of them. They are my (temporary Thai) family now! And they are simply the best. I can already tell I'll miss them terribly when I leave...

  • Kirk Gillock
    Kirk Gillock Thanks for the update, Donah. Sounds like you've found a wonderful family to stay with. I'm sure they're just as grateful to have you joining their family too. P.S. I hope they already are but, if not, please make sure Song and Sax wear helmets when on t...  more
    July 23, 2012 - 1 likes this
  • Jason Nontakan
    Jason Nontakan thank you for sharing your good story.
    July 24, 2012
  • Zero G
    Zero G Proof that when you do something nice (ie. teaching), expecting nothing in return, it comes back to you 10 fold. Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing!
    July 24, 2012
  • Kay Lee
    Kay Lee Thanks for your sharing, Donah and glad to know that you are living with such a warm family!!! ^^ This must be a special and wonderful memory for you~~~
    September 1, 2012