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Latest Isara Projects
Free Learning Center
Isara volunteers teach English and computers to more than 120 Thai students daily.
Recycling Center
Isara opens a community recycling center that turns people's trash into charity.
Helmet Campaign
Isara teaches Thai children and adults the benefits of wearing a helmet.
Plastic Bottle Boat
Volunteers build a plastic bottle boat using 6,000 bottles and sail it down the Mekong.
Project Videos
Watch project videos we've made or TV shows made about Isara Foundation.
Welcome to Isara!
Isara Foundation believes everyone CAN make a difference. The difference comes in the form of free resources for education, campaigns for personal safety, and opportunities for improving environmental conditions. Take a look at our community projects and start helping, right now, by joining our online community or by applying to volunteer!

Volunteer at Isara
Isara has one of the only free volunteer programs in Thailand.
Online Community
Sign up and chat with our volunteers about Thailand and our projects.
Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters
Without the help and support of all our volunteers and sponsors, Isara would not be able to continue its education, safety, and environmental projects.
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